V 1.0.0


Table of contents

  1. Software functionnality
  2. How to use

1. Software functionnality

This software converts NMEA log in format GVN, generated by GeoVisu versions 2.2.0 et 2.2.1, to raw NMEA.
ImageVisu can read raw NMEA log from version 3.1.0, and GeoVisu can read it from version 3.0.0.

GVConverter is currently available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003. This program is freeware.

2. How to use

Select GVN source files directory in text box "GVN source directory". Select NMEA destination files directory in text box "NMEA destination directory".
GVConverter converts all files at format GVN presents in source directory and its sub-directories.
It replicates source directory tree-structure into destination directory.
Converted files have same name as original file with additional extension ".nmea".
Example : sourcedir/sub-dir/file.gvn will be converted into : destinationdir/sub-dir/file.gvn.nmea
Date and time of source file are applied to converted file.
No modification is done on source files, even though source and destination directories are the same.